Vipassana the pre-amble


This is my perception;

This is my truth;

Take what you can and leave everything else behind:

Imagine you are offered a beautiful pudding and it has a small fruit stone in it, that the chef missed, you don’t throw the whole delicious pudding away, you remove the stone and eat the rest of the amazing pudding…. Do the same with this perception of mine from the 10-Day Vipassana Meditation.

Peace & Harmony to you.

You may also find that some content might be seen as a spoiler, if you prefer to do Vipassana without any prior knowledge DO NOT read, otherwise again, from my perspective, I had some prior knowledge and I think that helped.

Vipassana the pre-amble….

As part of a process that started in August 2014 I have been reviewing my life and goals, it all started as I saw 50 approaching and wondered why I still felt like something was missing, I could be miserable and then elated, I felt like I needed something else..

I started with an affiliate marketing business as I thought I needed to escape the 9-5, as that was the cause of my misery, and I soon realised that was not it, the misery came from inside not external circumstances and I soon learnt that money doesn’t make you happy…. I’d learnt this previously yet not understood, as an Information Technology professional I contracted myself out for a 6 figure salary.

I’d had a Porsche, the great holidays in the Caribbean, I now had a big house and great wife and yet still had weeks of feeling miserable – WHY?

As part of the digital marketing and affiliate marketing training, I came into contact with two awesome brothers in SatoriPrime’s Guy and Ilan Ferdman.

I started with marketing training with them as part of the digital marketing education and I soon realised there was more to these two than just marketing gurus. I then did a challenge of there’s that they set up as part of Satoriprime, the 10 Day Challenge and it opened my mind to what I did not know and didn’t know I didn’t know!

It awoke a spark I’d forgotten about, the one that at school had me interested in planes and Authur C Clarkes Mysterious world, It woke up the interest in life…

I then did another challenge the Mindfulness training and that woken up more brain cells and I got hooked and then I joined there Mind Method training, with bi-weekly group calls and then attended a Live event, that was amazing in gorgeous hills overlooking San Diego ( La Jolla ), where I met the guys in person, I had seen them in Vegas before too as part of the Affiliate Marketing training, this though being their event, it was extra special. It woke me up even more and then I had a Steve Sisler profile done, which gave me great insights, this can all be seen at
After the live event I was pumped up and carried on with the bi-weekly mind method group calls and then Guy and Ilan created the Ascension program to take those who were now awake all the way.

I joined in July 2016 and my life’s awakening and transformation has accelerated….

I have had bi-weekly 1:1 video calls with Guy and/or Ilan and also the bi-weekly group sessions and these have taught me ( reminded me ) of so many areas where I could and have changed my life for the better.

For example, I had not spoken with my brother for tens years and took responsibility and sorted that out and have a great relationship with him, his wife and 3 children, my relationship with my father was one of me listening like a 5-year-old and after coaching and a challenge set by Ilan I called my Dad and we sorted out the years of misunderstanding and now have an awesome relationship, I changed into a husband also that is more present and loving. – Changed my life so much for the better !

As much of the learning is experiential, the Ascension program sent me on the LandMark Forum, Advanced courses and the mind opening had me move from 1 trashy book a year to 60+ mindset and life enhancing books in the year and I now read a book a week often 3 or 4. I also attended outside the Ascension program yet inspired by it a Tony Robbins event, and my more recent courses have been Communications at Landmark, the Second live event with Satoriprime again in San Diego and a totally amazing few days and then last week the Vipassana 10 day meditation course that pulled all this together and has now set me a challenge of meditation that will take me home ……..