Vipassana Day 9


Vipassana Day 9:

I try to get back to yesterday and the Violet Peace and see it was a GLIMPSE given to me…

AND I’VE Started to bore of the sequence of scanning, we have scanned the body 250 times plus now, so I adjust the sequence a little, I imagine the scan now using the 360X360X360 X Trillionth and the slower dual scan, both legs, body, both arms, neck then head and a scan that goes head to toe, toe to head in a few seconds, like a ring around the whole body.

The scans get faster and I can scan the body in a second now and find the sensations that need attention.

I look and look and let them RISE UP and PASS.


This is not the end as I now need to tell you of my Vipassana NIGHTS: