Vipassana Day 8


Vipassana Day 8:

The evening sessions have now informed us that the pains and tickles are sensations and we need to not Crave the ‘nicer’ ones and not have an Aversion to the ‘painful’ ones and to work with them being equal, a state of being equanimous (calm and composed.).

And that the sensations are often where our body has stored up things and it’s releasing them as we stop adding to them.

I took idea and put it to how I see stress in my body, as stress gives me pains in my stomach and abdomen and that relaxing and releasing stress and not adding to it releases the pain – great it’s okay to FART 😉, though not in the hall as it noble silence, thankfully you can meditate in your room sometimes too – phew !

I start to see the pain in the back of my right knee, that’s started pulsing painfully as the same as my tickle that’s occurring on my left facial cheek bone and that they are neither painful or a funny tickle, they are SENSATION and equal.

Tried my 360X360X360 X Trillionths scan and got a better spark, but no ignition! Keep trying.

It’s the last scan of the day, the video session was special, I got something that caused my heart to flutter, I couldn’t put my mind or finger on what! And then the numerology I see ALL the time 11:11, 14:14 and so on kicked in and I thought I’ve sort of got it, this Vipassana, like 20:20 vision after being half blind ( worn glasses and contact since 14 and have –6 and –7 so VERY short sighted)

I looked up the digital time in the hall and it said – you guessed it 20:20 !!!!

Ok this is the scan mega moment:

After the video we took 5 minutes, I got air, peed, drank a large gulp of water and came back ready to do this.

I sat down with courage, conviction and was totally in the zone of equanimity ( calm and composed ). It’s a Vipassana word I now LOVE 😉


I THINK –  Okay heart, okay body, okay mind, okay soul!

Soul – where did that come from, this whole Vipassana course has not noted Soul once, it’s on purpose so that Vipassana is not attached to a denomination, all faiths and non-faiths can use and do the meditation technique.

OK let’s do this, I sit in a harder than normal Buddha pose, I’m getting REALLY supple 😉

I scan the body inch/cm by inch/cm to warm up the scanning engine.

I scan my heart, I love doing that, the suck in of the blood, and the powerful pump out, I feel amazing and I know that the HEART is the centre and ruler of the body, just need mind to understand that more 😉

I press the START button and the energy from my heart pulses out on the BOOOOOOMMMMM out pump and the light of 360X360X360 X trillionth’s lights for a moment, like an old bulb with just enough electrical current to wake it up, though not enough to fire it into full light….

OK no attachment, no Craving, No Aversion, I am Equanimity !!

I press START again, this, of course, is all in the minds eye and I’ve been told see what’s real, not imagination, so some slight worry this is imagination, then I remember that ALL the stuff others call strange and I feel is normal occurs in the imagination zone and/or just off to the corner of the physical vision!    So I give it my ALL…

HEART ALL in this time, stop holding back KEVIN, this is time ALL IN….

I press START and in slow motion the spark takes and takes and takes and takes and builds and builds and builds and gathers a rapid yet angelic motion and then like a stargate drive boost from some intergalactic spacecraft, piloted by a hairy being!, all the power hits and the 360X360X360 X Trillionths light up in a glorious glow so bright, a white light of pure intensity, yet not blinding.

I watch from no craving, no aversion, like a tightrope walker over the Grand Canyon, focused to the trillionth of an inch.

I feel my nose disappear, see my nose disappear, COOL, no stay balanced KEVIN.

My face in a pulse disappears, and the swarm of small bees takes its place, OH OH OH, no KEVIN stay balanced and calm and cool and WATCH…..

I almost FALL off my tightrope… and catch myself….

The swarm of small bees takes my head and the like the Death of Dracula when exposed to Sunlight the whole of my Human Body disappears into NOTHING…

CALM without needing to create it…. !!

I am a Violet mist, a fog, a smoke inside the sphere.

I’m CALM and the silence is TOTAL.

The smoke shifts and clears and then transforms into a solid, I am Violet Liquid inside a Sphere.

I feel PEACE CALM and LOVE so DEEP it makes me Cry as I type this…….  ( stopping for a sob of total Joy )…

I think do not CRAVE, stay in Balance, then I want this to last forever and I CRAVE, I gain balance and I stay here for 2 minutes, in total HEAVEN…

I start to CRAVE this forever and I know I cannot stay forever, this is a TASTE of WHO I AM….

A trillionth of a second later the sphere turns into me sitting in a hall of 200, my energy level rises up and dies and I return to EARTH, The Human Body known as Kevin Paul Humphrey, the choices line 1 Trillion, to continue the work to awaken fully myself AND HUMANITY in TOTALITY…..


I AM FULL AND COMPLETE, yet there is work to be done to REMIND others they are too and to keep reminding myself I AM.

I have SOUL MATES who have awoken me as per our contract and NOW I must awaken those as per my contract, I’m NEVER alone, my Larger soul has my back and the Universe HERS…….