Vipassana Day 7


Vipassana Day 7:

No coccyx pain today – oh relief.

I can feel the body all over now at some level, most at 0.25 some at 3 out of 10 and the mind has calmed and stopped wandering off, it’s focused on getting full sensation throughout the body and it really engaged in wanting it too.

I have a day with little pain and goes well.

We are to scan top to bottom and bottom to top of our bodies now, strange going backwards !! Takes a few goes to start in opposite direction, then soon going head to toe, toe to head in scans.

I’ve also amended the mind’s eye view, it started as me seeing an image of my body that I scanned like you’d see in real world. It’s now changed bit by bit, to me floating in a sphere that is an opaque mid-Violet, the scan marks are in place too, as we’ve been told you can scan the whole body now!

My mind went how, and came up with the Body floating in a sphere, the sphere had 360 degrees of marks around the North to South circumference and 360 East to West and each intersection of the fine lines, then connected to the other 360, so 360X360X360 scan points plus each level in that went to a 1 Trillionth.

[ Story behind that – it seems we are made up of atoms that pulse at 1 Trillionth of a second, so the atoms of your whole body { science proved } pulse and rise up and disappear 1 trillion times a second, so you are NEW every 1 trillionth of a second, its only the pulsing that makes you solid, others wise you are just a mass of energy ( atoms) the pulsing 1 trillion times a second makes you solid ! ]

I imagine that I can start the scan of 360X360X360 and then into 1 trillionths like a car starts and to start it I have to take the energy of a heart beat and pulse it into the scanner that is the sphere.!

Sounds complicated I’m told by others on the course, seemed logical to me [ will try and draw up a diagram to show fuller ]

I try this scan a few times and it’s like a car battery that’s low, whirls, whirls, whirls, some light, whirls, whirls, nothing !! Not failed, I need more juice, more power to fire it up !