Vipassana Day 6


Vipassana Day 6:

We are now sitting strong ( no movement in the hour while in Buddha pose) at 8 a.m., 2.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. !! And you know it’s easier, sometimes and harder others, today my coccyx felt like I was sitting on an 8-inch NAIL !!

The shoulders now felt the shirt material on them and my calf my socks and the toes the end of my socks, and the air movement, very little in the large hall of 200, felt refreshing and strong, even though a gentle breeze, I was getting to know the sensations of my body.

The ones my subconscious hears ALL the time, my conscious mind now heard them.

The volume of the mind it seems to me is often at 11 our of 10 and the body says it tickles here, yet it says it a volume 0.25 and we don’t hear it, now I’ve turned up the sensation level to 2 our of 10 and the mind down to a 5 out of 10, so I hear the body more now.

It’s still I some parts and I don’t hear others, of the body and I need to hear from all areas all the time!

At lunch today I watched the blind guy eat his food, on previous days I’d kept as instructed to myself and not looked about, today as I say in THE LION SEAT, I watched him 2 seats to my left as he felt his way to the porridge, banana and apple and his tea.

Throughout the whole 10 and a bit days, he was aided by someone, I assumed his friend and on the tenth day I found out the guy leading, getting food and being with him all day was an ‘old student’ who was there to assist. The guy assisted so amazingly and selflessly, on the 10th day I went and spoke to him and commended him on his beautiful handling of his assignment. He poured out pure love and said it was his role for this course,😉 a true angel on Earth….