Vipassana Day 2 and 3


Vipassana Day 2:

Today we watched our breath between our nose and upper lip, mine was a bit hairy now because of not shaving, otherwise same as day 1.

Or was it, did the air feel colder on the way in and warmer on the way out, could I feel the air stronger as it went up and down my nose? Ummmm

Vipassana Day 3:

Today we watched our breath between our nose and upper lip, mine getting more hair and I could feel a big difference in the temperature of the air around my nose and felt the nose hairs jostled by the air flowing in and out. Cool 😉

We were instructed to watch the end of the tip of the nose and concentrate more on that area, to focus the mind even more.

I liked this change and so did my mind until something happened and my nose disappeared!

As I was concentrating on the nose tip and the air flow, my nose sensations started to disappear, the nose area I had in my minds eye, that was feeling the air flow, started to turn into specks of darkness, then almost like a swarm of small bees it flew in on itself and my face had no nose.!

I felt some small shock and had to put my index finger on my nose to be sure still there, oh yes EYES CLOSED all the time in meditation.

Tapping my nose with finger made the mind’s eye see it again, take finger away and it disappeared into the dark ‘hole’, that not dark like blackness, dark like a really thick rain cloud.!

I watched the ‘hole’ in wonder until I got bored and it became whole again and didn’t turn back into a ‘hole’ even when I asked it to.

Oh, I started scanning inside body not just skin level at this point, came logically to me, it was not until day 9 that they teacher said you would now scan inside too. !