Vipassana Day 10


Vipassana Day 10:

Today we spoke from 9:45 a.m.

My first words after all that silence were:

‘Excuses Me’, as I went between two guys to get a biscuit for my drink, followed by, ‘Cool my first words were Excuse Me oh and Thank you’. They said ‘How British of You’ we laughed…

The next few hours was talk talk talk and compare.

I talked to three ladies, which felt very strange, as the energy was so different off them, compared to the men and I went around the ladies gardens, the Men’s was like the WILD WEST ( lady said that to me ) and theirs so ZEN and tranquil with many more plants and flowers.

The flowers in the gardens attracted lots of Bees and on some days I had just sat and listened to the buzz of busy bees – bliss

Oh and the Gong sounds awesome, if you get close as they hit it, they do it for start and end of all sessions, it vibrates into your ear and through your brain – Bliss.

So we talked and talked and talked and I held back on my experience based on the person’s own, as all others I spoke to, only admitted to having some sensation here and there, few all over and my nose disappearing got them all, so I never did tell my full body disappearance, maybe I should have, though I didn’t feel right, so it’s here in the notes now.

I did talk to one chap about my nightmare and he got it and then another and he said that he knew lots of Mediums and felt I had that gift.

Talking about gifts I loved the story, we had many from the teacher about when someone comes at you with something you don’t want, for example, there opinion on your meditation.

He said tell them you cannot accept their gift, the gift of opinion, as you have your own. – COOL 😉


Get your self-booked on the Vipassana Meditation course, you might wait a few months or be aligned to go next week, either way, sign up and experience your own journey of the Path of Vipassana Meditation.

I have left out ALL the talks and video side on purpose so you see for yourself, I share only what I personally experienced, yours will I am sure be totally personal to you and worry not, nothing ‘bad’ will happen, it’s all ‘GREAT’.

I wish you Peace And Harmony


Much Love



p.s. There was a very cheeky little red robin that flew around asking for food and would come within 2 inches of you, one lady said it sat on her knee, I did bow to her and said was she Doctor DoLittle. ;-), the Robin did keep us amused when we couldn’t interact with humans for 9 days……