7 Actions To Create The Version Of You That Gets It All.

Mindset training is the key to a thriving business and life

To become the person that gets it all, YOU have to work on your Mindset.....

To get from where you are now, to where you want to be requires you to do many things that you have never done before....

With the greatest will in the world you will not be able to do those without FIRST getting your Mindset right.

Yes you can learn Digital Skills, Marketing, Understand Website design, how to use Canva to create eye catching graphics for your awesome campaigns.

Yet something will be missing!

I'm not talking out of my backside, I'm talking from real life, "dyed in the wool" experience.


Something Better Out There...


As someone who already knows they want something better for themselves out of life, realise this fact, you are a step further on than 99% of the human race.

Stop for a second and know that, own that, you are an awakened human being and you already have what you need, you only need to know that it's already within you....

Stop and consider that a truth....


You Are Already Good Enough.

We now know that we are already good enough. Listen to me here you are already good enough to get whatever it is you dream of.....

The issues you have are based on two things, this is my experience....

1. FEAR of lots of stuff

2. SELF-LIMITING beliefs.

So if you follow the route I have taken you will try to get passed those by learning all the new fandangled technical skills and wonder why it's not working for you.....

It's because you have not worked on YOU, you still have your FEARS and SELF-LIMITING Beliefs, and you will not see them without getting yourself a mentor who can show you the areas of your life that sit in the "You Don't Know, What You Don't Know". That space is a vast area you have no idea about, much like the seas on planet earth below 1 mile, we don't have a clue and it's on our planet !!



Now You Know that there is a lot you Don't know that you Don't Know! remember you are again in the privileged position of being more empowered than 99.9% of the population.

You can see that the group of individuals who really know, is getting smaller and smaller and you wonder why the wealth of the world is in the hands of so few!

If you still want to understand then read on.....

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Webinar with Stuart Ross

Some people are sceptical about everything and I understand that, you can get burnt by scams, this is an amazing training and educational community of liked minded individuals, all striving to live a life they love. Please look into it some more by attending this free webinar ( you can just listen without any interaction if you prefer ) and find out what it's all about.  CLICK HERE to listen in to hear more or Click on Stu's image above... 🙂

truth hurtsThe Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy is a training platform that takes you through the knowledge required to start out on the path to being the real YOU.

Yes it will teach you Digital Skills, Marketing, how to use Canva for your graphics, how to place adverts and get clients and the best way to attract people to your business via say Youtube.

This is an awesome place to learn the skills required to run a business, either starting from scratch or getting your current one into the digital world.

All those skills are great, however without the Mindset to go with it, you will not have a Thriving business and life and fulfil your dreams and ambitions.

Sounds a bit harsh? the truth often is :), no one said it was going to be easy, hard - Yes, impossible - NO.

1. Join The Wakeup Calls

Once you are a member of the family budding Entrepreneurs your journey to a thriving business and life are made that bit easier.

You now need to go to work on your Mindset.

Start within the community and listen into and join in, come out on video, rock up 10 minutes before and put your hand up ! it will all make sense when you start on the call.... Listen to music, chat and laugh with the fellow members.... Feel the love and connection.[ Action #1 ] after joining the family, attend as often as you can the WAKEUP Calls that are on each week day ( Monday to Friday )...

This is the amazing WAKEUP call with John Jackson - JJ, the larger than life man with a mindset to go with it, once you join you need to get on this call as often as you can.....


JJ talks about the Leaders Mindset and I share here his 5 and the 6 I've picked up from the Miracle Morning [ see these article's on my blog about the GREAT benefits I find from doing a Miracle Morning each day ]


Join us on the next WAKEUP Call and you will learn daily about the Mindset of a Leader.


A Leaders Mindset

A Leaders Mindset

If you have not yet heard of Ilan and Guy of SatoriPrime then you need to do the following...

2. SatoriPrime

Ilan and Guy are tutors and mentors with the Digital Experts Academy and you will find their training throughout the modules, they are on each week with the Marketing training and are Gold Level trainers and mentors.

They also run SatoriPrime and I pass over to them to describe what they offer;

SatoriPrime is a world-wide virtual based educational and mentorship community that works with a global network of entrepreneur in areas of life that are most important to them.

These areas include, but are not limited to:

[ Action #2 ] is for you to listen EVERY Monday and EVERY Thursday to the SatoriPrime Performance Enhancing Podcasts

You can listen on Itunes, or find the full back list on the website or find them here.

We started by saying that the Mindset needs to move past FEAR and SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS, let me say to you now that FEAR IS A LIAR. Let that truth sink in......

3. Fear is a Liar

The statement that FEAR IS A LIAR might not sound right to you, if depends on the level of fear you feel.

For me FEAR is something I had not realised was a blocker for my business and life, until I did some Mindset training with SatoriPrime, it was definitely in the area of not knowing I didn't know!


[ Action #3 ] for you is to do the following;

Go to the SatoriPrime website and join up on the 10-Day Challenge.

Before you nip over there let me say this;

Go with an open mind, leave your opinions behind on this page, come back later they will still be here for you to take up again.

The challenge is 10 days long, do it EACH day in turn and each day please list what you learnt, send me and/or Ilan and Guy an email or connect on Facebook and let us know what did you learn about yourself.



My 10-Day Challenge Insights

I did a broadcast about this recently and copy here;

I've been working my way through a lot of challenges, to get to where I am today.
After 31 years in the Corporate 9 to Survive I had no real sense of who I was anymore, I'd become a corporate clone, the sharp edges smoothed, the opinions honed to not cause corporate or PC offence. Who was I now after 31 years in the corporate 9 to Survive? I set out in August 2014 to find that out and along the way I've been using Mentors, people who I respect to help me find that out.I retrained in Digital Skills with the Digital Experts Academy and have been working through Mindset training, basically using my brain to be better in business with Mentors from SatoriPrime.
One of the challenges was a FREE 10-Day course that leads you through the elements of yourself and I learnt a massive amount about ME....
This is my reply to Ilan's question:

Q. So what did I create from the ten-day challenge?

A. In summary a plan of action 🙂

A man with a goal and a plan is unstoppable. I believe that and therefore, it is true for me 🙂

Your ten-day challenge allowed me to take all that confusion and fear of my situation and see it was a period of transition, I listened also to your “Life Lesson in Progress” talk recently and that cemented it clearly in my mind.

I want to be a successful Entrepreneur, I joined the SFM/DEA as I saw a light of opportunity, I joined your Podcast because I saw leader(s).

Your ten-day challenge and the SFM/DEA & Satoriprime mindset training have made a hard decision easy.

I have a plan, I have taken action and I am implementing, success is just over the horizon.

The decision was to give up the day job and go it alone.

Before the ten day challenge, Emma and I had agreed it was a good idea in principle but the cold light of the new year and the “let's just wait and check" excuses started … theten-day challenge stopped that self-doubt and focused the mind on the goal and the rest was easy!

In the initial phase ( because of funds) I am starting out alone but will hire my skills out as a contractor, this brings in more money and allows me to feed the growth via paid marketing.

The plan is to go full time on SFM and own business, we are also planning something around our passions.

Something to share another day as too early even for me to be fully sure of direction, however born out of SFM / Satoriprime training and mindset, given me the mindset of knowing that I can create a successful business doing something I have a passion for, rather than it being money lead, and that knowing is worth all the gold in the world :).




SatoriPrime 10-day challenge

4. Mindfluence

Check out the Mindfluence training and super charge your mindset.

MindFluence with SatoriPrime


Your next [ Action #4 ] is to join the Mindfluence course with SatoriPrime - CLICK HERE to join, then pop back here.

On the other side of FEAR is FREEDOM

On the other side of FEAR is FREEDOM

At this stage I may have lost you, you might be thinking "all these tasks to get to where I want to be!", I never said it would be easy 🙂

Keep going, keep doing something each and every day, NOTHING ever came out of being lazy, get on with it, work your butt off for a while so you can see the rewards, as on the other side of FEAR is FREEDOM....

Fears I Faced.

I have been through these Mindset trainings and I KNOW they work, let me share with you the list of FEARS I found and have been facing and continue to face daily, as I faced each one I found FREEDOM and even though they never go for good, the 'volume' of the fear is so reduced, what was a 9/10 is a 2/10, so I can deal with it and I've faced it before in the EYE and I know it's a LIAR...


I created this Keynote slide presentation the other day for a webinar and I share with you to show the things that Leaders do and that they face FEARS. If its a bit slow forward through to 3:36 and the list of Fears I've faced because of the Mindset training I've been through to date.

5. Mind Method Class and LIVE event

Mind Method from SatoriPrime

Mind Method from SatoriPrime

The next [ Action #5 ] is to take part in the bi-weekly Mind Method training from SatoriPrime and attend the Live events, I joined in October 2015 and attended the First Live event in La Jolla, San Diego, California and it has been LIFE CHANGING in the Mindset break throughs.

I've taken 100% responsibility for my actions and after not talking with my brother, his now family, wife and three kids, we are now bros again and I've used the mindset training to make communication better with other family members too.

I've removed the ceiling on my thoughts and I am more open to new ideas and the future looks very bright.



Sign Up for Mind Method here.

SatoriPrime Mind Method the ultimate guide to a more fulfilling life

6. Steve Sisler

While in San Diego I was profiled by Steve Sisler, I include that Video below for your interest and as [ Action #6 ] go to Steve's website and get your own profile done NOW...


My Steve Sisler Profile:

7. Read Books Lots Of Books

Read at least a book a month [ Action #7 ] or get Audible and listen to them at 2 or 3 times the speed to save you time, if you want a good library to start with then use mine based on input from lots of people over the last 18 months...

Okay, if you have done all of the above WELL DONE, give yourself a massive hug of congratulations, I do to myself 🙂


I think the next step for me is the Land Mark Forum....  I'll report back soon.




Kev xx

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