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Hi Kevin here, I am often asked, be it at a social gathering or because someone has found my web site and wants to ensure I am a legitimate business and can really help them answer those digital question….

“What Do You Do?”, “How do you earn a living?” and “What can your business offer me ?“…

If they are online then I ask them to review our ‘About Us’ page, that gives more details about my 31 year career in the corporate world and my move into being the boss of my own business, and how my experience, knowledge and business can help theirs in the Digital World ( World wide Web / Internet ).

And I point them in the direction of our yes / no answer sheet that shows where and how we can assist best – see at “What My Business Can Offer You“.

If I’m not online then I say something like this;

“I run numerous web sites that offer services such as web site design, social media advertising help, e-learning for most almost anything digital/computer related, business systems software such as tracking software, an online magazine for the Equestrian world, a site that sells the finest equestrian apparel and a business system and hosting option that allows bricks and mortar business to get themselves online, and thus make use of the power of the digital world.

I also offer training in bite size chunks via thousand’s of online video courses in partnership with Grovo [ our sister site has the full course portfolio listed here ], and the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) & Digital Experts Academy (DEA), each of which I have used to bring my digital skills up to date for the 21st Century.

I'm paid up to £350 a day for my social media advertising skills, where I hire my skills out to small & medium businesses. I charge £ 100 - £300 for a small web page to web site and upwards from there for the larger web site designs, my most recent web site project is for a local livery yard and I did some consultancy work for a singer who wanted to enable for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for her already created web site, and I assisted her with use of the 'boost' functionality in Facebook to advertise her solo singing business at in the area local to her.

I have a partnership agreement with Grovo, The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) & Digital Experts Academy (DEA) which means I can resell the courses they offer, and as I have been through them myself, to retrain in the latest digital skills, I can recommend which are the most appropriate.

I offer all the information to get you started in the digital world for FREE.

I know it sounds wrong to get things for free, the idea is that I give you it all upfront, the guide that explains it all, and the video series that explains the power of the internet. If you have the time to do it yourself the information in the Guide and Videos is enough for you to get your business online.

So to confirm the initial training videos and guide are free and you are under no obligation to buy anything.

The next levels of tutorship allow you to become a student like me and have more in-depth training in a modular set up, with some training delivered in bite size 2 minute videos and others with longer 30+ minute videos and ebooks to read.

This next level takes you by the hand and leads you through the tasks needed to get your business into the digital world.

At this level of Student you would need to pay a fee of $29.95 to signup (some times a special offer makes this $19.95 and is called an Express application) and then to view the training modules you pay $20 a month subscription.

The student level assumes that you will learn and implement what you learn yourself, you do have access to weekly webinars and online meetings and group meetings a few times a year to allow students to mingle and collaborate on business projects. From these meetings we often find business partnerships emerge.

The training at student level will give you the basic details that you need and is fine for the majority of people to get started, however as with college and university some students like to know more and you can sign up through to the Full Partnership scheme, where its a full hold your hand business system setup from web site, branding to intensive training that gets you up to speed quickly and is more like a franchise than anything else.

If you sign up I receive some of that fee ($19.95), however as we want the business to be completely open and transparent, and want the students to be totally happy, you can claim a full refund in the first 30 days if it's not what you expected.

If you decide after your free guide and training videos to sign up and  learn more and move into the more advanced training modules, I can receive a payment of up to 40% of the fee you pay. How the commission works in detail can be seen on the page "Commissions".

So for example I purchased the Gold level Digital Experts Academy training at $5K, as I wanted to be able to design web sites myself for future clients and I learnt how to create web sites using wordpress. I already knew about HTML and the technical sides of web design from my career, but I did not have any wordpress skills or graphics design skills, so I learnt those by following the additional training modules.

So in summary my answer to the question "How do you earn a living ?" is;

My income is a mixture of payment for services I provide, like web design and commissions based on the products I sell, be it training with the Digital Experts Academy or books I recommend as I am also a partner with Amazon and earn fees based on products ( book recommendations mainly) that I sell on my sites.

So when you interact with my business you get me with 31 years of corporate information technology experience and the lastest digital training, backed up by the training from the tutors from Grovo, SFM and DEA.

It is up to you to chose whichever level suits you; from Free, that gives you the know how and you implement it yourself, through to Black Partnership level where you are assisted hand in hand to setup your business online.

I hope that helps you get a better idea of how I am paid and how my business can assist you in the exciting Digital World."

Please do in contact if you have any questions.



Here is the payment structure I use for web design:

Please see the actual web page at:

Here is a small sample of the training you can tap into with Grovo as part of the SFM & DEA:

Please see my web site that lists these at :









Here is a graphic that shows the Six Figure Mentors Training levels that you can join should you decided to take your training further: See further information on the What You Learn page.



And this is the Training provide by the Digital Experts Academy:




The Digital Experts Academy is an entrepreneurial incubator that specializes in Digital Marketing but how much does the Digital Experts Academy Cost to join.

The Digital Experts Academy Cost is dependant on what level you position yourself within the DEA.

There are four levels within the DEA and they are Silver, Gold, Platinum & Black and I will give a brief outline of each level and the cost of the membership.



Silver – Unleash Your Digital Entrepreneur. $2500

Transform yourself into a cutting edge digital entrepreneur with this 12 month digital entrepreneurship and mindset training program.

Success always starts on the inside. It’s unrealistic to expect a different result applying the same logic. SILVER gives you the foundational success-mindset and skill-sets required for your digital life. Training is delivered via a proprietary, e-learning portal featuring the latest space-repetition learning technology which helps you quickly absorb the expert information.



Gold – 12 Month Digital Marketing Mastermind. $8000
Master the skill of digital marketing with a 12 month membership to this cutting edge marketing mastermind and live workshop.

GOLD members participate in an intensive digital marketing training program designed to teach you how to become a full time, professional, digital marketer.




Platinum – Digital Expert Brand Building Workshop. $11,000

Present yourself as a high-caliber professional with this “done for you” digital brand-building solution.

PLATINUM establishes you as an authority by giving you your own, unique, expert brand. Featuring an intensive online brand building workshop, we help members identify their unique gifts and talents and create an expert online brand image for them. PLATINUM is essentially, a done-for-you solution.




Black – Mastermind & Retreat. $20,000

Connect, partner with, and leverage our network of digital experts at our annual DEA mastermind and retreat.

BLACK features an ultra-exclusive mastermind retreat in a unique location. This is the ultimate inner-circle access to the who’s who in digital marketing and the digital economy. The opportunity to joint venture with the DEA is also a potential possibility upon certain qualifications.


All prices are of course subject to change and only correct at time of going to press..

If you join and decide that you wish to upgrade to the DEA levels within a short time frame, a discount is available on the DEA prices, and can be negotiated with the DEA backoffice at the time, for example Black could be $14,500 ( confirm at the time of application).

I of course earn a commission recommending the SFM and DEA to you - to be open and honest I enclose here the commission structure I am on, more details about this can be seen on the What You Learn page too.

SFM Commission structure:

Digital Experts Academy (DEA) Compensation Plan: 

DEA is a direct-sales educational company with a 2-tier affiliate program. DEA is not an MLM or Network marketing opportunity.

Wikipedia: “Two-tier (affiliate) programs exist in the minority of affiliate programs; most are simply one-tier. Referral programs beyond two-tier resemble multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing.”


Here is a short *testimonial video from Hans Oliver, a recent student of the digital training, and who like myself has started a digital business that helps the local business community with digital skills, marketing and social media activities.

If you are interested in joining the digital training provided, please register for my free gift pack, as the guide and videos will give you a good understanding of the training and systems, it will allow you to review in your own time what is on offer and if right for you and your business.

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*If any thing is implied please note that ; Individual results will vary from person to person.

We cannot guarantee any results from our training and business systems.

All the products and services we provide are for educational and information purposes only.

Where there are testimonials on this page and web site, where people have created results using our products and services, you can’t assume you will get the same results.

There are those who will not earn any additional income with our products and services.

Individual results will vary greatly according to effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions and the subsequent correct implementation of the skills learnt on an ongoing basis.

Please be aware that all the training requires hard work and dedication. To get the best results a student needs to spend at least a couple of hours a day studying and ensure they take onboard and implement the information provided in each module.

This is not a fast route to digital success, it's a training course that needs hard work and dedication and students need to understood that this is only the foundations for an ongoing learning process, regular update of the latest changes will be required to ensure your business is at the fore front of the digital age.

Social media and the Internet change daily, so students need to understand that this an on going journey of learning.

Nothing on this site implies a get quick route to success, this is not a get rich quick scheme this is a real education in digital marketing skills and only the correct application of the skills learnt will assist the business those skills are applied to.


Also read our General Disclaimer at bottom of this page.