I Rediscovered Books

Books I've read

I didn’t read an educational book for nearly 31 years, I left college at 17 with a BEC/TEC and NCC Diploma in Computer Science and since then I’ve only read a few manuals for my corporate job, then in August 2014 I discovered the Digital Experts Academy and rediscovered the joy of learning and reading.

I love Webinars, Video and interactive learning, and when it’s just me I love audio and reading of books.

I’ve rediscovered books and the art of reading and learning from books to the point that I read EVERY day as part of my Miracle Morning routine ( called Life SAVERS; basically 1 hour every day where I Scribe (write in journal), Read out my Affirmations about my life, Visualise my life as it will be ( ultimate time freedom), Exercise ( Weights and Walks ), Read a few chapters of the most recent book, then Silence (meditation)….

Since relearning the art of reading I’ve read a lot and listened a lot ( I also love Podcasts and recommend Satoriprime if you have never listened to one);

Books I've read

Books I’ve read


Each and every book is available in your local book-store, the library or online from shops like Amazon..   See the Amazon Books Library