4G Wifi Hack: Why you need 4G wifi if your over telephone line broadband is slow.

This step by step guide shows you how I improved my Broadband speed from 2mb to 50mb plus on download and from 0.5Mb to 16mb plus on upload.

Discover How To Improve Broadband Speed...

  • Broadband Router

    There are many network routers out there, I was recommended the HUAWEI make and the one I am using is the LTE CPE B315.

    I purchased mine for £114.45 and you have grab one here [ Click Link]

  • Antenna / Aerial

    To pull the best signal you need an Antenna / Aerial an the one I’m using is a Poynting A-XPOL-0001.

    I purchased mine for £85.95 and you can grab one here [ click link ]


  • 4G Sim Card

    The router takes a SIM card that powers the 4G, I’m using the EE 4G network because it has the best coverage ( they say ) for the United Kingdom and the nearest mast to me is 3 miles.

    As a user of EE for years I already had an account so added the Sim to it, if you need to join EE then use this link [ Click Here ] 

To confirm these are the items I purchased and they work really well together here in Adstock Bucks, picking up the 4G signal from Winslow.

I run my own business that needs a fast broadband speed and the one from BT is slow and unstable, so I investigated the options and this 4G Wifi from EE seemed the best solution and it's working well so far 🙂 - I hope it helps you too - any questions let me know, I am no expert - I asked the EE forum and they gave these hints - so I pass onto you too 🙂 Enjoy - Cheers  Kev

Kevin Humphrey
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Huawei LTE CPE B315

This is the one I purchased - Click here to order your own.

Cellular Antenna

This is the one I purchased - Click here to order your own.

Cellular Antenna

This is the one I purchased - Click here to order your own.

4G EE Wifi speeds proof

The 4G mast is 3 miles from us and I took a reading next to the mast and then readings at home with the equipment setup and you can see that the signal is good, the 'rainbow' icon shows the home broadband speed with 4G Wifi from EE and the other shows the signal using 4G next to the mast used by EE.

The EE Community for HELP

This is where I found the answers in the EE community - [Click to check it out too ]