21 Reasons To Use SMM To Gain More Customers, Sales & Profit

KE.AGENCY Social Media Marketing

21 Reasons To Use SMM To Gain More Customers, Sales & Profit

First what is SMM?

SMM is Social Media Marketing.

Historically business has advertised in the Yellow Pages, the local paper, may be in a national paper, created a TV advert, had a large poster on the billboards beside the main road into London, New York, Paris etc…

You can still do that and digitally nowadays, there is also the Social Media option too, that you as a business must consider “The ROI on Social Media is you’ll still be in business in 5 years“.

KE.AGENCY Social Media Marketing

KE.AGENCY Social Media Marketing

For example the current trend is to advertise your business on Instagram, it has 400+ Million users and it’s growing very fast. Being picture and short video based it’s great for showcasing your products and getting customers to your website and online shop.

That is where the Social Media Marketing companies like KE.Agency come in and help you do this efficiently. In the past you paid an advertising company to create your TV Adverts, Billboards, now you hire a digital agency, that creates your SMM advertising.

At KE.Agency we concentrate on Instagram and then post the advertising out to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and as many places as you like.

You can start with an entry level SMM campaign and ramp up as you see results. See KE.Agency for Pricing plans starting as low as £ 150 ( $ 210 ) a month.


21 Reasons To Use SMM To Gain More Customers, Sales & Profit

A] Social Media is a way to learn about your audience

For businesses in any industry, the key to success is knowing your audience. Social media makes this possible, and easier to accomplish than ever. With tools available for each Social Media platform you can learn the age, gender, location and interests of your audience. This knowledge can help you create campaigns and product offers to your target audience, which will provide you a better return on investment.

B] Branding:

You can create a recognizable identity for your business and it’s product or service. This is extremely important for any business and ensures you stand out from the crowd.

C] Create a buzz:

You can create a buzz around your business, products and services in a way that promotes online conversation and sharing and therefore more eyes on your business.

D] On Social Media Your business is seen as more open and accessible:

A business that is open and accessible gains the trust of  people and that can only be good.

E] Social media helps target audiences more effectively:

Geo-targeting is an effective way to send your message out to a specific audience or demographic based on their location. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have tools that allow you to communicate the right kind of content to your audience.

You can target by ‘Location’, ‘Language’, ‘Age’, ‘Gender’, ‘Relationship status’, ‘Interested in’, and ‘Education’ on Facebook & Instagram, and ‘Country(s)’ on Twitter.

You might want to send out a post to people who live within 10 miles of your shop only, geo-targeting is an easy and effective way to do it.

F] Establishes you as an expert in the Niche:

Posting about your Niche on a regular basis, answering questions professionally, honestly, openly and correctly, which will earn you respect as an expert in your niche. People will look to you for solutions and greater engagement will result in your business being seen in a positive light.

G] Word of mouth

Customers want to trust you before they purchase. People trust their friends and families thoughts, with Social Media they can easily comment on your business, and where you show up as honest, trustworthy with great products they will share this and social proof ( word of mouth) is still the best marketing you can have.

H] Build a relationship and become more personal: 

Use a variety of social media and be open and honest and personal. You will build a relationship with customers and potential customers. Trust comes from being open, honest and sincere.

I] Millions of people are online on social media

Millions of people who could possibly become clients and customers of your business. You cannot do that easily or cheaply in the offline world.

J] The smaller Businesses can compete with the larger

With the right type of viral social media, you could get an immense amount of traffic. With traditional offline methods, this was very difficult unless you had the advertising and marketing budgets of large a company.

K] The World has shrunk with Social networking

With social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin among many others,  you can hold a personal conversation with each customer and client. You can tell them about the latest products, deals and sales, provide hints and tips, the options are limitless and you audience can be local or global.

L] Gain awesome digital footfall to your website / shop:

If one of your Social posts goes viral you could gain 100,000’s of hits in a day.

M] Reputation management: 

You can keep an eye on what other people and sites are saying about your business and products and, therefore, identify any issues early on so you can fix them as often people will complain on Social Media and not to the business.

N] Better Ranking in Search Engines like Google

Social Media helps your ranking in the search engines because of links. Every time you create an entry with a link to your website / shop from a Social Media site you improve your ‘score’ and ranking. In other words, you are telling Google your website / shop is worthy of a mention.

O] It is better valued than traditional marketing and advertising

Social media marketing won’t cost a business nearly as much as traditional advertising. Depending how much your time is worth, it might be worthwhile to hire someone to help with the social media marketing.

P] Provides more ways for customers to find you

If you are not on page one of the search engines customers can still find you through social media.  Social Media has the potential to send you lots of traffic.

Q] You can explain your business fully

Social Media provides a platform to explain your ethos, your story, your products, and services. It also allows you to interact with current and future customers by replying to queries, when you reply, you are seen as a business owner who cares, who wants to make the customer happy, and that you’re human. Social media is a two-way conversation

R] Showcase your business

If someone was searching for say  “Garden Furniture”, on Google the video and picture results appear on the same page as the  page result. So, your Garden furniture product images would rank too, just like your actual site.

This is awesome, and something business owners should take advantage of. For example posting to Instagram an image of your Garden Furniture with a description and image will help with this, as would a Video on Youtube of the Garden Furniture being used.

S] Pinpoint what your customers want

With Social media, you don’t have to wonder what your customers really want. You ask them what it is they are really after and they will tell you. On Social Media, people will interact with you, far better than being stopped in the street by someone with a clipboard or being cold called.

For example, on Twitter you can ask a question and get people to reply to a choice, for example, you sell “Horse Transport” and you have two designs, you can ask people to vote on the design they like, you might ask about colour preference too, all this can be done to make sure you offer what your customers want.

T] Your customers can help grow your business

With Social Media, your customers can provide  suggestions on new products, you can let them share their likes and dislikes. You may well find new ideas for products and services you would never have considered. Use the power of the people via Social Media.

U] Improved Market Intelligence:

Improve market intelligence and get ahead of your competitors with social media. With social media monitoring you can obtain key information on your competitors, therefore improving your market intelligence. This intelligence will allow you to make strategic business decisions in order to stay ahead of your competition.


I need to Bust A Myth: 

No Engagement Means Customers Aren’t Reading Your Social Posts. 

This myth is a major one that so many believe and it is because of this myth that a lot of businesses stop using social media and wonder why others are rocking it with SMM.

It does take a while to establish your presence on social media and to encourage more people to interact with you. You need to know that because no one is liking your Instagram images or re-tweeting your social posts, it does not mean they are ignoring you.

The old adage in marketing is that you need to show someone your advert at least 7 times before they notice it and then as they see you more they start to trust you. Social Media is awesome for showing people your message and products over and over.

Imagine you are selling a new model of car and you have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Linked set up advertising that daily, people will see your car on each of these media, on their laptop, tablet and phone and it will work into the mind.

Many people will see what you post, and many will click on your links, and the engagement might still be low to start with, you need to keep posting and eventually go viral.

You can work to increase engagement, however, do not lose heart if you don’t have engagement right away, it took me 6 months to take my Twitter account to over 100,000 followers, with daily postings and it went very slowly, at first, you have to know that engagement and, therefore, sales will come with time.

Rather than use your precious time, make use of our skills and experience, let us do the grind for you and grow you Social Media Following.



KE.Agency – For All Your Social Media Marketing 

See www.KE.Agency for Pricing that starts as low as £ 150 a month